I’m a digital illustrator and graphic designer born, raised and based in Madrid (Spain).


Ever since I was a child I’ve been drawn to the mysterious worlds of the mythological and the occult. These influences have resulted on a mystical point of view towards the world.


With my work focusing primarily on the person, human or otherworldly, represented through ethereal, delicate, yet powerful, illustrations.


I have worked for multiple brands across different fields (fashion, jewelry, culture or technological); and my work has been featured in the 23rd edition of the Flamantes Artbook (edited by Hago Cosas), a publication dedicated to promote emerging Spanish speaking artists; as well as part of MundoArti’s IX International Exposition.

I have worked for

Cutler and Gross
La Vidriera Producciones
N28 Store
Spain’s National Dance Company

Say hi!

For any enquiries or if interested in collaborations, don’t hesitate to fill in the following form or write to jr@jribanez.com

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